Veterinary translations, Traductions vétérinaires, Veterinär Übersetzungen, Traduzioni veterinari, Hippische vertaling, Equestrian Translations, Pferdesport Übersetzer, Traductions equestre.

Ciao Chow Translations, Interpreting, Editing & Journalism 

English, Dutch, German, Italian, French 

Veterinary, medical, holistic & ayurveda, legal, marketing, general

Translations, Interpreting, Editing & Journalism

Translations and interpreting is our core business. However we can also assist with other duties and activities.

Translations into Dutch and English from the following source languages: Dutch, English, German, Italian, French.

Interpreting (simultaneous) in Dutch, English, German and Italian ( French on request ). All combinations possible. 

Writing, editing or proofreading of your own (scientific) publication

Document review in Dutch, English, German, Italian, French for those cases when you only need to know the scope of a text and you do not need an official translation. Please note: in legal texts only in cooperation with your legal adviser.  

(Voice) actor / Voice over in Dutch, English, German, Italian, French and Spanish

Presenter / journalist for television, radio, seminars, events

Language training for individuals, companies and professionals

Specialisations: Veterinary, medical, dogs, horses, equestrian, literature, sports, complementary medicine, non-fiction, legal a.o.