Veterinary translations, Traductions vétérinaires, Veterinär Übersetzungen, Traduzioni veterinari, Hippische vertaling, Equestrian Translations, Pferdesport Übersetzer, Traductions equestre.

Ciao Chow Translations, Interpreting, Editing & Journalism 

English, Dutch, German, Italian, French 

Veterinary, medical, holistic & ayurveda, legal, marketing, general

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Ciao Chow Translations is a professional business. This means that we will invoice you when we work for you. 

Even though there has been a surge of automatic and machine translations on the internet, a human touch will still prevent you from sending out strangely formulated sentences to your clients or business partners. Machines may be able to translate individual words, but they are still not up to translating meaning, intention and cultural differences.  

I do benefit from machine translation ( it saves me having to type all the words myself for one thing) so my rates have been reduced in your favour!  In general this means that I won't invoice you per word, but per hour.  You will know beforehand what your maximum charges will be.  

Translation: Minimum hourly rate from 50 euro excl. VAT.

Interpreting: Minimum hourly rate from 80 euro excl. VAT.

Sworn translations (such as diplomas, certificates etc.) from 60 euro per page

For other services, such as document review, editing, language classes, conference chair etc, please contact me on [email protected] 

Minimum charge for all services: 25 euro excl. VAT