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How does it work if you would like my assistance

Would you like my assistance? In translation, interpreting, editing or something else? This is how you get started:

1 : Send me an email and provide as much information about the assignment as you can. This means we won't have to email back and forth with questions and answers and will save both of us time! To give you an indication whether or not I am the right person for the job, these are the basics that you will need to provide:

a) Your complete address details. I will not consider requests coming in from 'anonymous' (gmail) accounts and/or without the provision of your (company) details. 

b) The language pair(s). I.e. the source language and target language. But also information on variants, e.g. British English, American English, Australian English etc.

c) The document that needs to be translated or edited. In case of interpreting (or other) assignments please provide the subject matter, occasion etc. All information will be treated in confidence.  If you decide not to go ahead, then I will delete all data from our systems. Please note that I will not be able to give you a full quote until I have seen the document!

Send all information and documents to this email address: [email protected]

d) Your deadline. Please consider that your assignment may require more work than expected. If I have a full schedule, I may not be able to help you straightaway. To avoid missing out, please start your application as soon as possible. 

e) Before contacting me, make sure that you know what kind of translation you need. E.g. does your document require some kind of certification? In the Netherlands a sworn translation may be required in some instances. These documents require more work and other rates may be applicable. 

2 : Check out the rates on this website as well as the terms and conditions. I have provided a rough estimate on the minimum fees for translations and interpreting. This will give you a general idea of what it may cost you. As a rule, rates are not up for negotiation. Payment plans or alternative arrangements can only be discussed on an individual basis.

3: After reception of the above mentioned information, I will inform you if I am the right person for the job. I will also tell you whether I can make your deadline and what the maximum charges will be.  Alternatively, I might ask for some more information before I can determine the rates. Please do reply promptly! After I have sent you my quote, you will have 24 hours to confirm. Deadlines and/or rates may not be guaranteed after 24 hours. Do you have any further questions? I will be happy to help you. You are welcome to send me a maximum of two follow-up emails requesting for more information. My experience has taught me that those potential clients that keep on asking questions indefinitely are usually not the ones going ahead in the end- a process that is rather time consuming. If your assignment is rather complex, or if there are other reasons why you need more information, please inform me beforehand..

4: Convinced that I am the right woman for the job? Excellent choice! The owner of this company is a Chow Chow and they are the most loyal, reliable and honest breed out there.  Don't forget to send us your confirmation by email within 24 hours and we will schedule your assignment as soon as possible. We might ask you for a deposit if you are a new client or if it concerns a larger assignment. I will then be able to start the work when the deposit has been received.

5: During the assigment I will have your back at all times! Are there mistakes in the source text? Is something not right with the documents you sent me? Do I have any questions regarding the assignment or text? Then I will contact you straightaway. Please respond as soon as possible. If I need some essential information and you don't get back to me, your deadline may not be guaranteed. 

6: We will invoice you when the assignment has been completed. Please pay our invoices within the specified time frame. After two reminders, all invoices will be transferred to our debt collection partners.